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Ciao Churu Apetito Tuna – Cat Treats 8g (8pc/pack)

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You have to try Churu Apetito, which is a mini creamy cat treat that is rich in flavor and nutrition, if your cat loves CIAO Churu. For your cat to enjoy, or even share with your fellow CIAO fans, each pack contains 8 mini treats! Churu Apetito is also thicker and firmer in texture, so you can use it with your cats to draw fun patterns!


Richer with flavour with a thicker texture
8 mini creamy treats per pack
Firmness of cream is good for drawing fun!
Contains green tea extract that helps to manage waste odors and provides oral support
Human-grade quality ingredients
No added preservatives or colouring

Tuna, tuna extract, sugars (oligosaccharides, etc.), vegetable oils and fats, thickeners (processed starch), minerals, thickening polysaccharides, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), vitamin E, red yeast rice pigment, green tea extract

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 7.0% or more
Lipid 0.2% or more
Crude fiber 0.1% or less
Ash 2.0% or less
Moisture 91.0% or less

Caloric Content: 4 kcal per bottle


Feed your cat as a treat. The purpose of this product is not to be fed as a meal. Provide daily clean , fresh water. See your veterinarian periodically to ensure the welfare of your animals.

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Ciao Churu Apetito Tuna – Cat Treats 8g (8pc/pack)

$ 5.80

Out of stock