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Daily Delight Juicy Chicken and Veggy – Dog Wet Food (2 Sizes)

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Daily Delight Jelly features soft jelly with carefully chosen tender cuts that help digestion. Regular Delight Jelly is a full meal for all life-stage felines, high in natural taurine contained in high-quality ingredients. We promise that it will be nice paw-licking! Great nutrition comes in perfect proportion.
When you see our bright orange cubed carrot, which is as visually pleasing as it brings lots of vitamins to the savoury meal, delight yourself. Take advantage of infection prevention, strong antioxidants, and phytonutrients that protect the heart and reduce cancer danger. A quick meal makes this incredible root vegetable as hearty as it is nutritious.

100% Wholesome diet
A scrumptious and healthy meal formulated with high quality chucky meat and fresh vegetables
Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for a holistic diet
Divine flavours to leave your dogs wanting more!
No artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives
Essential building blocks for your canine’s muscles
Fantastic source of vitamins and minerals ( eg. Vitamin B : boost overall immunity and regulate digestion)
Reduces risk of developing heart disease

Fresh Chicken, Carrots, Broccoli, Peas, Xylo-Oligosaccharide, Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein >7.5%
Crude Fat >5.0%
Crude Fibre >3.0%
Salt (Nai) <0.4% Moisture <84% Instructions: Tempe Serveroom at scores. Cover the unused part and refrigerate it. The amount of food needed by your dog depends on age, level of activity, breed and climate. Prior to use, shake well. At all times, keep fresh water available. Dog Size 180g Cans Per Day 700g Cans Per Day 1–5kg 1–2 0.3–1 5–15kg 2–4 1–1.5 15–30kg 4–5 1.5–2.5 30–45kg - 2.5–3.5 45kg - 3.5

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Daily Delight Juicy Chicken and Veggy – Dog Wet Food (2 Sizes)

$ 1.70$ 3.90