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Dog Wash Oatmeal Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs 12oz

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Dog Washâ„¢ Oatmeal Itch Relief Shampoo is specifically formulated for pets with dry , itchy skin with Colloidal Oatmeal, Green Tea Extract, Baking Soda and Wheat Protein. Gentle soap-free cleansers, naturally derived, and Baking Soda leave the coat and skin clean and deodorized, without scratching sensitive skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal: To treat or avoid dry, itchy, scaly, rough skin and minor skin irritations, a mild, natural moisturizer. It softens and hydrates the skin, reducing itching and flaking.

Green Tea: Good source of polyphenols that help stimulate hair growth, boost luster and soften coat. Also can help prevent hair loss.

Baking Soda: It has mild disinfectant properties and some species can be an effective fungicide. Used as a remover for multi-purpose odors and stains.

Wheat Protein: Has superior hair strengthening properties while supplying damaged hair shafts with replenishment due to additives, weathering, and age. Excellent for hair that is impaired.

Spot-On-Safe: Will not remove topical spot-on flea & tick treatments.

Paraben-Free: Parabens have been found to imitate estrogen in the body, and a link has formed with breast cancer & reproductive problems when levels are disrupted. In order to facilitate the safety, well-being and health of your pet, all Dog Wash™ formulations are Paraben-Free.

Soap-Free: Only the gentlest, naturally derived cleansers are used in Dog Wash™ formulas. Contains no harsh soaps or damaging detergents.

pH Balanced: The sensitive skin of a pet needs balanced pH treatment. At a lower pH (more acidic), human shampoos are formulated and should not be used on your animals.

Bi-Lingual English & Spanish Packaging
Gentle for Frequent Use

Coconut Oil Based Cleansers, Green Tea Extract, Colloidal Oatmeal

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Dog Wash Oatmeal Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs 12oz

$ 19.90