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Espree Flea & Tick Dog Spray 355ml

$ 26.90

Espree Flea & Tick Spray on dogs and puppies (over 12 weeks) kills fleas and ticks! Furthermore, this shampoo also cleans and conditions the coat and leaves your pet fresh and clean smelling.


Pyrethrins: 0.112%
Permethrin (CAS #52645-53-1): 0.100%.
** N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide: 0.479%
**2-[1-methyl-2(4-phenoxyphenoxy ethoxy)} pyridine: 0.125%


For use with puppies. The nozzle spay animal is about 8-12 inches from the cat. Start spraying the animal on the tail, making sure that the animals’ whole coat, including the legs, tail and underbody, is sprayed. Fluff hair with your hand against the way it usually lies, to ensure that the spray penetrates through the skin coat.
For use in zones for pets. Treat dog bedding and other places of rest for pets, since these are key hiding areas for fleas and ticks; after care, no need to remove pet bedding. Spray around sleeping places to minimize re-infestation, until the surface is slightly damp. Spray the whole inner surface of the dog house and kennels as well. Do not allow pets, until fully dry, to use the treated areas.

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Espree Flea & Tick Dog Spray 355ml

$ 26.90