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Kin+Kind Flea | Tick Spray For Dogs & Cats – 12oz (354ml)

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Fleas and ticks are an unpleasant annoyance, and so are the harsh chemical pesticides used to handle them. Kin+kind Flea|Tick products offer immediate and natural relief from insect bites that are annoying. Spray your dog and cats directly each week and before outdoor adventures such as parks, hunting, hiking.
Kin+Kind Flea & Tick Pet Spray is all natural and organic (GMO free) and is tested and certified by veterinarians and made from different essential oils. Kin+Kind Flea & Tick Pet Spray is also mixed directly by hand in the Kin+Kind US facility, which disproves any sort of animal testing, so that both animals and the environment are kind to this formula.

NATURAL: No chemical pesticides, sulfates, or parabens
RELIEVE: essential oils naturally relieve pest irritation and reduce itching and swelling
MOISTURIZE: organic oils attract and lock in moisture (organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and glycerin)
ORGANIC: Our organic ingredients keep GMOs away from your pets and harmful farming practices out of the Earth.
USA: mixed by hand in our US facility by employees paid a living wage


Natural & organic.
No pesticides & chemicals.
Gentle on the skin & coat.
Essential oils based.
Veterinarian tested & approved.
Hand mixed in USA.


Spray your pet’s coat weekly from head to tail. Reapply before hiking or hunting and after each bath. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and genitals.

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Kin+Kind Flea | Tick Spray For Dogs & Cats – 12oz (354ml)

$ 28.00

Out of stock