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Kin+Kind Raw VitaBoost Supplement For Dogs & Cats (2 Sizes)

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Hit this week’s kibble hard? It’s time for a kitty cleanse and doggy detox. For a super food boost to your pet’s diet, our Raw VitaBoost is packed with vitamins and minerals.
Apart from their normal diet, Kin+Kind Raw Vitaboost Cat & Dog Supplement offers vital nutrients for your pet. Kin+Kind Raw Vitaboost Cat & Dog Supplement is formulated to fulfill the nutritional needs of your pet and for growth support, enriched with rich sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Made with only limited ingredients which are natural and organic that has been tested and approved by USDA, Kin+Kind Raw Vitaboost Cat & Dog Supplement provides your pet with the superfoods that they need.
To retain and hold the nutrients in optimal condition, all Kin+Kind Cat & Dog Supplements are not processed and treated with heat. Kin+Kind Cat & Dog Supplements are an ideal and healthy complement for your pet with no chemical additives, artificial ingredients and preservatives added. In the Kin + Kind US facility, Kin+Kind Cat & Dog Supplements are also specially handcrafted.

NATURAL MULTIVITAMIN: green superfoods provide essential vitamins and minerals to support the immune system.

ORGANIC: Green is good. To protect our pets and our environment, our certified USDA organic supplements are free from artificial ingredients, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and chemical processing.

GMO + GRAIN FREE: made without genetically modified organisms, wheat, or other grains.

RAW SUPERFOODS: Real nutrition comes from real food. Superfoods are the most nutritionally dense foods in nature, preserved with our low-heat recipes. Perfect for raw diets and conventional feeds needing a little boost.

USA: Safe and ethical production starts at home. We proudly mix our products in our own US facility by employees paid a living wage.


Suitable for cats & dogs.
Made with veterinarian & USDA approved ingredients.
Made with limited ingredients that are natural & organic.
Treated & preserved with NO heat for optimum nutrients.
Does not contain artificial ingredients & chemical additives.
Handcrafted in the Kin + Kind US facility.

Organic Coconut, Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Seaweed


Feed according to instructions on packaging based on your dog’s weight.

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Kin+Kind Raw VitaBoost Supplement For Dogs & Cats (2 Sizes)

$ 18.00$ 34.00