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Lechat Premium Tuna (Hairball) 80g – Wet Cat Food

$ 2.10

Delicious chunks of tuna meat and toppings such as chicken, kanikama (crabmeat), salmon and shirasu (whitebait) in jelly are LeChat Quality canned cat food.

It’s a line devoted exclusively to natural feeding. Natural ingredients only. Highly chosen, very high quality, complementary food with tasty tuna for cats. Italian product with all the characteristics of high-quality products: high palatability due to freshness and high-quality ingredients, High nutritious content, omega-3 rich, protein-rich, low-fat content. These products are entirely natural, jelly-based, gluten-free, without preservatives and dyes. Good for helping the cat stay smart, stable, lively, fresh all the time and managed by the hairball.

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  • Steam-cooked gluten-free wet cat food 
  • Chunks of tuna fish meat in jelly 
  • Naturally rich in Omega 3, EPA & DHA 
  • Complementary food for cats
  • Cats of all ages.


Tuna, Carrots, Gelling agent, Vitamin E, Fructo Oligosaccharides

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Lechat Premium Tuna (Hairball) 80g – Wet Cat Food

$ 2.10