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Marukan Corner Toilet for Hamster


Marukan Corner Toilet for Hamster can be use as a toilet or bathroom. Just place the correct sand in it. A cute toilet with a cover. with decoration sticker included. A corner-type toilet that utilizes the habits of hamsters. With a clear cover that makes it difficult for sand to scatter and allows you to see the inside clearly. The clear cover is removable, so it can be washed completely and is easy to clean. 
(Hamster toilet training) Hamsters have a habit of excreting in the corners of the cage. By placing a toilet there and placing a flooring material wet with urine on the sand, It can remember the excretion in the toilet.

Mess- free
Easy to clean
Easy to wash

Size: 14.8 x 10.4 x 8.5cm

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Marukan Corner Toilet for Hamster