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Marukan Music Box Pillow for Pets (Bone Shape)

$ 49.50

The Dog Pillow Marukan Bone Shaped Music Box is perfect for dogs that love tunes! For about 60 seconds, pulling the string will play a melody. Great for putting your dog to sleep, and if you can teach your dog to pull the string itself, it’s even more enjoyable.The pillow is shaped to fit your dog’s jaw so that it can rest comfortably on it. It’s a quirky addition to your dog’s bed and night routine.

Measures: 30 x 15 x 6cm
Soft & furry
Attractive jingling sound
Avoid washing with water
Suitable for all life Stages
Weight: 0.17kg


Instructions to Use:Product Instruction.

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Marukan Music Box Pillow for Pets (Bone Shape)

$ 49.50