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Marukan Sasami Munchy Sticks – 7pcs


Marukan Sasami Munchy Sticks- 7pcs (DF39)- made of Chicken sasami fillet and cowhide coating. Allows your dog to chew and eat as a treat. It is suitable for all dogs. Break into smaller pieces if is too big for your dog. Please feed with supervision.

Chew & eat
Fresh chicken meat

Ingredients: Chicken Sasami fillet & Cowhide coating.
Product Analysis: Crude Protein (Min) 70%, Crude Fat (Min) 2%, Crude Fiber (Max) 0.5%, Ash (Max) 4.5%, Moisture (Min) 20%, Energy 310kcal/100g 

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Marukan Sasami Munchy Sticks – 7pcs