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Marukan Soft Pine Bedding for Small Animals 10L


This hamster bedding is made 100% from natural pine that creates a beautiful natural environment for your hamster to live in. The aroma from pine has excellent moisture absorption and moisture retention properties, so you and your pet can continue to enjoy long-lasting woody scents without worrying about foul smells from your pet’s urine. Suitable for small animals like hamsters, birds, gerbils, rabbits and guinea pigs. Change it weekly or as often when the bedding is dirty or soiled.

Soft & Comfy
Natural Pine
Available in 2 sizes 10L, 30L (MR754, MR755)
Keep warm

Take note:
Do not place near fire or direct sunlight. Wash your hands clean after touching.

Weight: about 550g
Product size (mm): W160 x D65 x H375mm

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Marukan Soft Pine Bedding for Small Animals 10L