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Sanko Wild Supplement Enzyme 20g (WD423)

$ 8.90

The term lactic acid lactic acid bacteria eat sugar out, there are numerous natural world, and also lived in the mouth and intestines of animals, which serves to reduce an environment where there are hundreds of harmful bacteria in the intestine. This includes food today, or they are used preservatives and fungicides. It may also have been sterilized and the heat treatment, long-lasting while killing bad bacteria and beneficial bacteria, which would cause to weaken.

Therefore, enough beneficial intestinal bacteria Lactobacillus in the gut is needed. When there is a shortage of lactic acid bacteria and germs growing, corruption is made of toxic substances occurs. As they are passed into the body, the body resistance weakens resulting in various diseases. Our pets need these supplements to enhance their immunity and to ensure a healthy life.

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Sanko Wild Supplement Enzyme 20g (WD423)

$ 8.90