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Vitakraft Emotion Kracker Veggie Hamster – Treats

$ 5.90

The unique TriVita complete is the innovative added benefit that promotes lively and healthy hamster lives. Developed by vets and rodent specialists.

Emotion’s DHA content derived from seaweed is one of the most valuable and biologically active omega 3 fatty acids, important for cardiac activity, the brain and immune system. Prebiotic inulin promotes a healthy intestinal flora and optimal digestion. The balanced ratio of essential amino acids also guarantees high biological quality.

Grain mixture with herbs, triple- baked on a natural wooden stick.

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  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavourings.



Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin 15.2% (dried pea 6.8%), dried carrot 1.8%, derivatives of vegetable origin, seeds, minerals, inulin 0.16%, honey, algae.

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Vitakraft Emotion Kracker Veggie Hamster

Vitakraft Emotion Kracker Veggie Hamster – Treats

$ 5.90