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Vitakraft Magic Clean Classic Cat Litter 5L

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Vitakraft Magic Clean Classic is a silicone based cat litter produced in Germany that will last. Biodegradable mineral beads, made of quartz powder, make up the litter. This cat litter, super absorbent and non-clumping, performs easily and instantly when it comes into contact with moisture. It also absorbs and prevents the escape of odours within seconds.

The anti-bacterial effect present in the litter’s blue bits prevents the growth of bacteria and guarantees a hygienically clean litter box. The Magic Clean Classic is low in dust and can also be appropriate for allergy sufferers. As one kit is adequate for a cat for a month and is therefore four times more effective than traditional clumping litter, Magic Clean Classic is also very economical.


  • Mineral crystal litter made of quartz sand
  • Super absorbant, binding liquid quickly and effectively
  • Odour stop, binding unpleasant odours in seconds
  • Antibacterial
  • Dust free
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Vitakraft Magic Clean Classic Cat Litter 5L

$ 11.90