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Wild Sanko Bath Time for Bird (B51)

$ 19.70

Bathing Suit for Birds include sliding door. It makes it easier for small birds to stay.The front of the fuchi is in a thick-diameter and unreasonable body. Your small pet birdcan get in and out. Little birds who love bathing. It is a bath where you can enjoy bathing as much as you want.

Easy to fix
For small tiny bird
* Size: W115× D160× H140 (mm)
Accessories: 1 lock part for slide door

Cage wire is a general cage for small birds
Wire diameter (about 1. around 6mm).
It cannot be used with extremely thick or thin wires.

· Even if the size is within the adaptation conditions, the special shape
It may not be available on the slide door.

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Wild Sanko Bath Time for Bird (B51)

$ 19.70