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Wild Sanko Easy Home 70 for Rabbit – White (C42)

$ 335.00

It is an easy home of “spacious space with a width of 70 cm” of a stylish model that creates a calm room with adult color clear gray harmony on a white base.

Easy Home’s comfort system has been further polished to make it more comfortable and easier to maintain

Slide lock on front door
Front door can be removed
Ceiling panel breeding supplies that open widely are easy to access and clean
Easy separation of wire panel and base cover
Every day cleaning is easy! Drawer tray that does not leak out
Space size: Width approx. 640 x depth approx. 430 x height approx. 400 mm
Floor size: Width approx. 660 x depth approx. 450 mm

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Wild Sanko Easy Home 70 for Rabbit – White (C42)

$ 335.00