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Zee Dog Birdie Ruff Dog Leash ( 2 sizes )

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With one major objective, Zee Dog was founded: to link dogs and people. They design and create expressive goods that can make your life so much cooler and your dog’s. The Zee.Dog RUFF Shock Absorbent Dog Leash makes it an easy and fun dog walk for everyone.
Voted the best dog leash in the world by Pet Product News International, the Zee.Dog RUFF dog leash is a design marvel built to make your arms survive those harsh walks with your pulling dog.

Shock Absorbing Dog Leash
Polyurethane Spring Absorbs Force Without Derforming
Extremely Light & Waterproof
Made With Super Teteron Polyester & Neoprene
Resistant & Secure Zinc Alloy 360° Swivelling Hook
Recommended For Dogs That Like To Pull On Leash

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Zee Dog Birdie Ruff Dog Leash ( 2 sizes )

$ 32.90$ 39.90