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Zee Dog Fatboy Ruff Dog Leash (2 Sizes)

$ 35.00$ 42.00


Zee.RUFF Dog’s dog leash, named the world’s best dog leash by Pet Product News International, is a design wonder made with a shock absorbent spring to help your arms withstand those rough walks with dogs who think they’re beasts. The shock absorbent spring of polyurethane absorbs the impact so that the shoulders and arms don’t. Large is shorter in length and wider / Small is longer in length and thinner. Rubber logo protects stitches for longer durability.

SUPER HOOK: With patent pending lock technology – Rotate the screw lock up and down to close and open the hook. An effortless and safe walking experience.

POLYESTER FABRIC: To enhance prints, our super teteron polyester – last generation in webbing technology. Weather resistant and soft on the fur.
Neoprene padding on the handle for extra comfort on the hands.


Rinse it with water for instant dirt removal and it’s as good as new

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Zee Dog Fatboy Ruff Dog Leash (2 Sizes)

$ 35.00$ 42.00